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Moorhouse Physiotherapy Clinic has over 25 years experience, run by a fully qualified physiotherapist.

We offer SIRPA

we offer SIRPA

Wonder if your pain may be caused by stress? Try our six week Stress Induced Pain Recovery Programme.

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Struggling with pain? Moorhouse Clinic's physiotherapy treatments can provide effective pain relief.

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Established since 1990, Moorhouse Physiotherapy Clinic specialises in the treatment of joint and muscle problems: back pain and neck pain, joint pain/ arthritis, muscle injuries, repetitive strain injuries or sports injuries.  Post surgery treatment and rehabilitation is also available.

The aim is to provide a personal and professional treatment programme that is tailored to the needs of the individual. The first appointment thus involves a detailed assessment of the problem, so that a specific treatment programme can be designed. Advice is provided regarding self-help measures, such as exercise and back care advice that can also assist recovery and help to prevent future episodes.

Chartered Physiotherapists undergo three years intensive training, following which they go on to specialise in their chosen area of work. Linda qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist at Withington Hospital, Manchester in 1977.  Her experience and further training includes 12 years working within the NHS, during which time she worked in several out-patient departments, gaining experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions (spinal and joint problems).

Since 1990 she has been developing her own private practice. Linda runs her clinic from Moorhouse Street in Leek and offers home visits in the surrounding area.